Sound Off for 6/5/2015

Sound Off 6/5/2015 I graduated from old Roosevelt 66 years ago. Our parents would not permit... More

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Testing relief in Ohio

Ohio students and teachers will get a taste of relief next year from hours and hours of tests.... More

  • The Cincinnati Enquirer
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Broadband for the poor

The federal government has been offering subsidies to help the poor afford phone service since... More

  • Los Angeles Times
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Sound Off for 6/4/2015

Sound Off for June 4, 2015 Our local district needs to look at ways to cut spending instead of... More

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Sound Off 6/3/2015

Sound Off for June 3, 2015 California is using toilet water to irrigate its vineyards for the... More

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Erasing Denny Hastert

Delete, delete, delete. Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert's name has been scrubbed from... More

  • Chicago Tribune
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