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Controlling guns in a world of good and evil

Published: February 6, 2013 4:00 AM

The U.S. Constitution not only dictated how the government was set up but prohibits the government from interfering with certain fundamental rights of the people. The Bill of Rights is enumerated in the first 10 amendments, one of which provides the right to bear arms.

But the use and ownership of firearms is regulated by state law. Federal law requires licenses for certain importers, manufacturers and dealers; prohibits the selling of firearms to young people, criminals and mental incompetent; controls the carrying for firearms on public transportation; and outlaws traffic in stolen weapons and in guns that have had their identification numbers altered or removed.

And yet, every day we read in the newspapers where crimes are committed with guns. A gun is only dangerous when it is loaded with ammunition in the hands of someone who has evil intentions.

Perhaps if we had the cost of ammunition cost-prohibitive that could help solve the problem of so many needless tragedies. Also if we could get help with anger management. Anger is a normal emotion and everyone has experienced it at one time or another; however, if it is uncontrolled or suppressed it can be extremely harmful and even a killer.

There is no Republican or Democratic answer as to how to solve this problem, only the right answer. What we need is a little more love than hate, more tolerance, more empathy and compassion. But this isn't a perfect world. This earth is a place where good and evil co-exists. Our Creator gave us the gift of free will rather than to control us. I hope and believe that the good in us overcomes the evil in the end.

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We are all responsible for our actions. That's why we have prisons and jails and law enforcement to punish people who cannot control their anger and the taxpayer foots the bill. Talk about injustice.

When I was a teenager in Cleveland, there was a young boy who shot himself in the head because he was afraid he would be reprimanded by his father for getting bad grades. Perhaps if there hadn't been a loaded gun in the house the tragedy could have been averted.

Mary Alice Trimmer, Streetsboro

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anonymous Feb 8, 2013 3:01 PM

Perhaps if there hadn't been all those guns back in the 1770's we would still be a colony. Wouldn't that be just jolly?

anonymous Feb 6, 2013 4:02 PM

Yeah right take away the guns so the government can come and take you away. If it had not been for the right to bear arms, we would all be speaking Japanese. That is the only reason we were not invaded after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. If you want to stop the violence stop the nut jobs from running around free. Chicago and New York have the toughest gun laws in the country and more people are killed there than anywhere else. Norway gives every child born in that country a gun and there is not the amount of violence there.

Take away the ammunition is a violation of the 2nd amendment also, but say you did, would you rather have bombs using fertilizer, gasoline, or any other of a hundred other explosive chemicals?

If someone wants to kill someone, they will find a way of doing it, specialty if you leave the victim defenseless.

anonymous Feb 6, 2013 2:12 PM

Mary, you present a few "Perhaps..." statments that really do nothing to change the tragedies you mention. As terrible as those tragedies were, raising the cost of ammo won't change the 'evil intentions' you refer to in your comments. Those filled with evil intentions will just do some other evil thing, that is IF your "Perhaps..." statments actually change anything other than taking more money from the law abiding citizens and giving it to the Government to spend for who-knows-what. It's the law breaker who ignores the law, steals and takes what he needs to do his evil thing. Regarding the Cleveland teenager, "perhaps" if he had not had a school to go to and therefore not been graded at all, he would not have shot himself. See how crazy this way of thinking can lead us into weakly related conclusions? His killing makes no sense, but don't try to take away guns from law abiding citizens! Some day in the future you, or other citizens may need those guns for protection from another evil person who wants to take your possessions or your life. Or what if that evil intention comes from an evil government of the USA from the future? We need to protect the 2nd Amendment as carefully as we need to protect ourselves. The Germans didn't see it coming when Hitler began to register guns in the 1930's, so he could take them all a few years later, before he took over the Country. We need to let law abiding people have their guns, for all of our protection, just in case.