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Mogadore cop arrested for pulling gun on fellow officer

Facing charges for assault, having weapon while intoxicated

By Dave O'Brien | Staff Writer Published: January 3, 2013 4:00 AM
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A Mogadore police officer was arrested and jailed Tuesday, charged with pulling a gun on a fellow officer while drinking at an off-duty party at a Virgil Street residence on New Years Day.

Mark E. Halliwill, 43, is charged with one count each of felonious assault, a second-degree felony, and having weapons while intoxicated, a first-degree misdemeanor. Arraigned Wednesday in Portage County Municipal Court, Halliwill was ordered held in the Portage County jail on 10 percent of $40,000 bond. Conditions of his release include no consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs, according to court records.

Halliwill allegedly pointed a semiautomatic handgun at John M. Josef, another Mogadore police officer, during a party at Halliwill's residence. Both men were off duty and were socializing, according to Mogadore police Lt. Todd Higgins. Alcohol also was involved, he said.

No shots were fired, and there were no injuries, Higgins said. He said he believed only one other person was present during the incident.

He said there was "some type of altercation" that led to Halliwill allegedly brandishing the weapon. Higgins also said his department immediately contacted the Portage County Sheriff's Office to conduct the criminal investigation, while Mogadore police conduct an administrative inquiry. Halliwill is on administrative leave pending the completion of both investigations and the resolution of the criminal charges, Higgins said.

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Mogadore straddles the border of western Portage and eastern Summit counties, and criminal cases filed based on crimes committed on the Portage side often are heard in Portage County courts. Portage County sheriff's detective Lt. Greg Johnson referred all questions to Mogadore police.

Higgins said Mogadore police believed it would be "advantageous" to have another agency conduct an independent criminal investigation into the incident to prevent the appearance of favoritism.

A preliminary hearing on the charges against Halliwill is set in Judge Mark Fankhauser's courtroom on Jan. 11, according to Portage County court records. Additional charges may be filed after evidence is heard by a Portage County grand jury.

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anonymous Jan 4, 2013 2:09 AM

BTW watching channel 8 news tonight, this story was pulled off the air mid sentence! They said they would get back to it after the break and never did....MMMMMMMMM...

anonymous Jan 4, 2013 2:04 AM

Not to show favoritism? Hahahahaha like they dont have the sheriff's dept in their back pocket. I used to live in Mogadore and know both of these officers well. Let me tell you though Mogadore known mostly for their HS football team is a currupt little town. It is like Pleasantville, what you see from the outside is very different from what you see on the inside. Mogadore has a talent for sweeping things under the rug, and making things magically disappear. BTW if this were any other mogadore officer I wouldn't be surprised, but Halliwill is one of the best on the force, very outspoken about his frustrations about how kids misbehave to their parents, and the very bad underage alchohol and drug problems in Mogadore. He is one of the last good guys in Mogadore, don't judge him without the facts. What you don't know is the other officer is a young lad, who has been known to get drunk and stupid at times as any young buck can do. We just don't know all the facts yet, and because this is Mogadore and their HUSH, HUSH ways we probably never will.

anonymous Jan 3, 2013 1:56 PM

Why would any department want the portage county sheriffs office to investigate a criminal act? The county can't do their own investigations right! We're talking about a Sheriff that lets a drug task force officer steal $13.000 and not charge him with a crime! Yes you read it right! The funny part is they the task force agent didn't even have to give back all of the money! He only gave back like $9000! Must be nice to keep $4000 free of charge! The best part about this is Dave Doak, Dale Kelly, Greg Johnson and Larry Limbert looked like idiots when they tried to put the blame on other agents! They were dead set on it being the commander that was the thief!!! In the end the Windham officer fessed up that he stole the money! Not knowing wtf to do since they already belittled the other agents they looked for reasons to get rid of people and replace them! Nice work idiots! If I were this mogadore cop I'd be sweating bullets knowing these crooked cops are taking over this investigation!

anonymous Jan 3, 2013 9:03 AM

i cant wait to see how this gets sugarcoated. being drunk is no excuse. as there was only one other person present it makes me wonder if the victim was invited over for a little chit chat?

i would have liked to hear that 911 call....

anonymous Jan 3, 2013 8:08 AM

Sounds like something Major "CHAOS" Dale Kelly would pull! "Buts honest Sheriff, the gun wasn't loaded." "I Sorry Sheriff, I won'ts do dats again." I bet L.T. Johnson is in seventh heaven if he's the one investigating. Investigating another cop is like an all you can eat lobtser dinner for Greg Johnson!