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Streetsboro adds technology to classrooms

By Mike Lesko | Gateway News Published: November 18, 2012 4:00 AM

There is an interactive whiteboard in every classroom at Campus Elementary School in Streetsboro.

"It's pretty exciting," said Michael Daulbaugh, the school district's director of curriculum. He was principal at Campus last school year and spearheaded the project.

"The whiteboards really engage students in the lessons," he said. "Whenever you give students a link to technology, it turns the light on. It really enhances learning."

Steve Cain, the district's technology coordinator, said a whiteboard is "almost like a large touch screen for a computer."

Cain said each whiteboard costs about $1,300. Including the projector and cable, the total cost for one is about $2,000.

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Daulbaugh said the whiteboards have plenty of uses.

"In math class, students move objects around on the whiteboard to create problems to solve," he said. "They can see the problems and answer them."

He said Time Warner Cable programs can be projected onto the whiteboards.

"Teachers can take attendance and figure out which students get hot lunches or sack lunches," he said. "Teachers can use them to fill out student assignments and for the day-to-day management items in the classes."

"I made it a priority that we were going to put one in every classroom," Daulbaugh said.

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All projectors and most of whiteboards were purchased through fundraisers, he said, and a small portion came from district technology funds.

"Without the support of parents and the community, this would never have been possible," he said. "The students and parents did an outstanding job. A lot of credit goes to our community."

Daulbaugh said whiteboards and SMART boards are basically the same thing.

"We utilize SMART boards, which is the name of the company," he said. "They are the best whiteboards on the market."

Maureen Haska, the district's instructional technology specialist, said she believes the entire curriculum will be moving toward more technology.

"Technology is the wave of the future," she said. "We're trying to make sure our students are well prepared for college and the workplace.

"Technology helps students to work together better," Haska said. "We're doing our students a serious disservice if we're not using technology.

"The biggest challenge is to figure out what students already know, then what they need to know and how to get them there. Technology is helping us to be more individualized," Haska said.

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anonymous Nov 18, 2012 2:32 PM

We are finally beginning to get the ghist of technology. A huge thanks to Mr. Daulbaugh. Hopefully the board will see this and be inspired by it. Think deeply about what he is saying.

And with the availability of the ACE Academy services, great things, and I mean really great things could happen in this district.

Our last Finance report for Sept 2012 showed $5,793,693.00 as an ending balance. This same time of year Sept 2007 we had $2,304.003. An increase due to cost cutting measures by eliminating courses and the teachers that taught them. Limited replacement textbook purchases, and a slight increase in technology.

However, it would be a benefit to the distict if the renewal of the last levy could be adjusted to provide more of the millage to Permanent Improvement and provide support to technology that would other wise would be a long term implementation short of the time period of which our district is projected to be in a deficit of $10,000,000.00 plus dollars.

I admire the effort of those organizations and committees in the district and commend them in the greatest regard for their efforts but more needs to be directed towards increasing and improving the availability of all the students in our district.

Now the true question is how are we going to achieve the funds to do it? Is there possibly a chance that the funds are already there and we just aren't tapping into them?

I would suggest all citizens request a PDF copy of the monthly Finance Report from Ms. Rouse after the monthly board meeting. I am sure your will get you one.

We need to support our students in our community and we see where we are headed in the near future in the financial reports. I think technology is our answer. Especially after reading this article.

Martin Fleming