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Trends and expectations

I have lived in our community for over 50 years. During this time, things you expect to happen... More

  • By Martin Fleming
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In my opinion

Here is my opinion. I hope, I really hope many will go to the video that the school district put... More

  • By Martin Fleming
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I finally found a duplex that will rent to me because I have dogs. He made a great comment. He... More

  • Keri
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Ignorance is not bliss

With all of the discussion about school funding and how local schools have been rated, there has... More

  • By Kevin Kleppinger
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Renting with pets!

U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics: Total number in United States 69,926,000 DOGS 74,059,000 CATS! I... More

  • angelgirly
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Alternate Plans

In regards to the plan set forth by the school district and in lieu of the fact that there seems... More

  • By Martin Fleming
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To build a school

Opinion    For those of you who did not make it to the Streetsboro Board Meeting on May 9, 2013,... More

  • By Martin Fleming
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The Internet Sales Tax

The Market Place Fairness Act is expected to pass the Senate on Monday. This law will essentially... More

  • By Tom Pochedly
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Who bullies at your school?

Bullying in Streetsboro has become a serious problem. Nothing is being done to suppress it. In... More

  • Martin Fleming
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My career has taken me all over the country; to some of the most awesome places in the USA.... More

  • Scott Stutler
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